Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun with Family...and other goings on.

Esther's artful arranging of bungee cords on her dresser.

A new way to sit in her highchair. We probably shouldn't encourage this.
Uncle King read Esther her favorite book,
"Little Hoot".
Enjoying time with Uncle King (Esther has renamed him
"Cooking"), Grandma Suzi, and Grandpa Neil. She definitely enjoys all the attention.
Waiting for the ferry, we caught a glimpse of some otters frolicking.
Cute shot of Daddy and E.

Her hair is getting so long...we're thinking of cutting it because it's getting in to her mouth when she eats. She hated having her hair cut last time...so we'll see how it goes.
Looking cool in Papa Jerry's sunglasses.
Visiting with Cousin Sierra. Sydney, the cat, loved the quality time.
And here's Cousin Nikkie. Again Esther enjoyed all the attention. She's not spoiled at all. Nope! That's E's new favorite word by the way...that and "I can't!"


shelley said...

Our first nephew (who just turned 22) called his Uncle Jack....Uncle Jacket. We still call him that to this day. I think Cooking will stick too