Monday, August 18, 2008

Love the Olympics!

Poor Gene, this is all he sees at night. I've always been a die hard Olympics fan and this year is extra special for obvious reasons.

Esther taking a quiet break in her room.
"How do I look in Dad's helmet?" Gene got a scooter (finally). No picture of the green machine yet, but stay tuned.
"Mom, I'm helping you vacuum."

Playing in her room with her "friends" looking on.
"What? This isn't a fort for me?"

Who needs toys?


Heidi said...

daddy, daddy, daddy - a box! boxes are so much cooler than toys!

Anonymous said...

I love how you just video her doing her thing. So many parents are this deity-like voice demanding their child perform for the camera. Yours are more observational and totally fun. And yeah.. at the end where she's calling for Gene.. I laughed :D

Anonymous said...

I love watching these movies over and over - it's almost like being there watching her grow. Hope to see her in person soon.

Much love,
Nana Marilyn