Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love lavender!

You'll have to trust me that Esther and I were in Sequim this past weekend for the Lavender Festival. Apparently I've forgotten how to take pictures. No pictures of lavender in all it's purply splendor, no photos of grandparents lavishly spoiling their granddaughter. I got a few of E enjoying the morning sunshine in Nana C's back yard, but alas, that's it.
Here's Esther snoozing on her Wall-E blanket (at home).
We got to spend the afternoon with one of my dearest friends, Kristina. E of course had to be the center of attention.

Catching a clothespin "butterfly"

Yep, running around the backyard in her underwear.

I love our condo, but I wish we had some outdoor space for E to run around in.