Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two videos for Nana

Ok, so I know Halloween is over, but here Esther's version of "carving" a pumpkin.

And the finished project... with a little help from mom. Her dad hates carving pumpkins(something to do with the slimy guts. )
Esther new favorite pastime: playing games on the computer.

Trick-or-treating. In a crowd, the safest place to be is on her Daddy's shoulders (& I wish I could join her.)
Checking out the ducks.

Waiting for the "train" and eating her candy cache.

Loving the puddles.

Making a "waterfall."


Anonymous said...

This was my Trivia for today's blog. Appropriate, I thought. Benjamin Franklin was the proud owner of the very first bathtub in the colonies.

Good blog and terrific pumpkin. Suzi

Anonymous said...

Not one, but two (count 'em) TWO videos. Very nice. I agree with Suzi - great pumpkin talent. The huffin' and puffin' was hot, and it looked like the bubbles were tasty! I can't believe how much she's talking!!

Thank you!
Nana Marilyn