Thursday, December 03, 2009

More Witness Protection Photos

My desire to blog has diminished...but don't worry, faithful readers, I'm still committed to keeping it up (every few weeks or so).
Over the last couple of weeks, we went on a preschool outing to the Zoomazium at Woodland Park Zoo, attended a birthday party, and enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving.
The Zoomazium is pretty cool. They have a great play structure for the kids to get out some energy, lots of cool things to look at and a great program with live animals. When we were there, they brought out an armadillo and the kids were allowed to pet it.

I think this was the first time I've ever seen a real armadillo. They have hair under their shells that looks like an old man's beard.

Esther decided bouncy house birthdays are fun!

Of course, our little darling loved the birthday cake with the truck on top. So much so she managed to remove it from said cake at one point. (Sigh.)
Blue frosting sticks around for a while. Not to gross anyone out, but we had a nice bathroom surprise a few days later. (OK probably too much info.)
Above all the action.
Modeling her pea coat and umbrella. The only way she would let me put this coat on her was if she could bring her umbrella with her. To say she is picky about what she'll wear is an understatement. Anything with robots adorning it is acceptable to E. Pretty much anything else is iffy.
She loves her trains. If anyone needed to be told, our daughter is a tom boy. Dinosaurs, robots and trains all the way!
Relaxing in her usual way after helping Daddy start a fire.


Kiy said...

Great fun, great photos!

Don't tell me you live near Woodland Park Zoo, and we moved away before we got our girls together!? I really need to pay attention to details better. Drat it all.

Ah well, if we ever get back for a visit, now I know! :)

Cheers, Kiy

Anonymous said...

Our girl sure looks well-adjusted and happy. I miss her and hope to see her soon!

Nana Marilyn

P.S. She told me to have a good day at pre-school. Tell her I did. (I pretended at work)