Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Blakefield's Annual Christmas Quiz

Yep, it's time again to test your knowledge of our family.

1. Huddle decided to do this quiz on the blog because:
a) she's feeling lazy.
b) she's wants to do her part to help the environment by not using paper (although she did send out Christmas cards...hmmm).
c) she hopes to get more traffic on our blog.
d) all of the above.

2. Gene worked on a video game that is now out in stores. It is called:
a) Pretty Kitty and Her Fancy Outfits.
b) Zephyr: Rise of the Elementals.
c) Tornado Outbreak.
d) Tornado Alley.

3. Esther's favorite things are:
a) baby dolls, dresses, and unicorns.
b) dinosaurs, robots, and trains.
c) spiders, bees, and snakes.
d) vegetables, loud noises, and brushing her teeth.

4. This year, we:
a) sold all our possessions and traveled like gypsies.
b) bought a house.
c) got a puppy.
d) refinanced our condo.

5. Esther loves preschool.
True or False

6. Huddle is reading a book called:
a) "Raising Your Spirited Child"
b) "Raising Your Shy, Quiet Child"
c) "Plumbing for Dummies"
d) "Way to Go! You're Financially Secure!"
e) none of the above

7. Gene still longs for:
a) a puppy.
b) a VW GTI (he still mourns his previous one).
c) any new hi-tech gadget he can get.
d) none of the above, he is completely content.
e) a, b, & c

8. Huddle longs for:
a) seven more children.
b) financial security.
c) a house.
d) a Twitter account.
e) b & c.

9. This Dec. 18th will mark:
a) our 20th anniversary.
b) four years since Huddle stopped chewing gum.
c) three years with Esther.

10. We hope our family and friends have a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year.
True or False

Now for some pictures:
We went searching for a Christmas tree on a beautiful, crisp, sunny day, where Esther and I got to take a little train ride.

Ah, the perfect tree.

Yummy, candy canes!
Esther, the egg.

Another birthday for a preschool buddy, this time the kids got to go on pony rides.
I didn't think Esther would be very keen on riding, but apparently we have a cowgirl on our hands. She rode three separate times, and would have gone more if she had the chance.

Yes, the pony is wearing a princess outfit.

This picture makes it look like she's holding a dagger, but with an innocent expression.

1. d)
2. c) but it's kinda a trick questions since the game was called b) & c) at one time
3. b)
4. d)
5. True
6. a)
7. e)
8. e)
9. c)
10. True


Anonymous said...

Next year Esther will ask for a pony for Christmas...if she isn't campaigning for one already. What a cute kid. Suzi

Anonymous said...

I passed the quiz - do I get a prize?

Nana Marilyn

W&M&M Davis said...

I got 9 out of 10 - you must give away lots of hints in your blogs . . . Looks like E enjoyed the horse ride. Miah has been asking to ride a horse.