Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Wow! Two posts in a month, what is this world coming to?
(Alert: I'm using Google Chrome instead of Explorer to do this post and it is being really wonky. I'm frustrated but swearing mumbling at the computer doesn't seem to be helping, so enjoy.)
This is Esther version of carving a pumpkin. Kind of punk rock, don't ya think?

And now for the surgery. She wanted her Daddy to make a doctor's mask.

One of only a few quiet moments with cousin Chrissy and Nana's dog Honey.

This was more like it. Ollie so wanted to sniff and play with Honey, but she didn't want anything to do with him.

My little helper, assisting with the blueberry muffins.

Preschool is doing a fun thing by letting each kid take home the stuffed guinea pig, Bedhead, for a night. The next day, the child gets to share what they did together. Esther was so excited to get her turn and she did a great job of keeping him away from the dog. The only problem was having to give him back the next day...poor little thing cried and cried. Ah, the joys of learning to share.

Not being a fan of anything other than t-shirts and jeans, Esther had to be convinced(read bribed) to wear this super cute shirt from Aunt Heidi. I wanted to her to wear it before it got too small. To mark the momentous occasion, I snapped this pic. Nice face she's giving me. She did however wear the shirt to preschool, so yay for me.

And now for the Halloween Costume! Esther has been asking "how many the days 'til Halloween" for two months now. We had to count on the calender pretty much every other day. So you can imagine how happy I was when the stinking holiday finally arrived. First was the costume parade at school. I did send a change of clothes for her to wear outside but apparently she thought this was a crazy idea.

So Thomas the Tank Engine dug and moved dirt to his(her) heart's content. Surprisingly, the costume remained pristine.

Again this year we ventured to the Country Village in Bothell for trick-or-treating. Most of the shops handed out candy.
Decisions, decisions.

We ran into one of E's preschool buddies & her sister and they set off together.

And of course the kids had to compare their haul.

This is the best shot of her costume...Thomas' face is a little "plewy" (as E would say).

On the car ride home she dove into her loot. Hopefully, she'll sleep well after the sugar rush has worn off.


Anonymous said...

Great post Mom! Love your commentaries. What does "plewey" mean?

Nana Marilyn

Esther's mom said...

Plewey is E's word if a ball is flat or something is a little crushed.