Monday, October 04, 2010

September happenings

My little clown wanted me to take a picture of her hiding behind my purse.

For Halloween Esther is going to be Thomas the Tank Engine...but we found this Transformer costume at the thrift shop. She has been wearing it everyday for a week, that includes nighttime.

Pre school had an ice cream social and Esther worked very hard on decorating her little bucket.
Having fun on the merry-go-round.

With one of her best friends, Theo. It was all fun and games until she had a complete meltdown about a "stolen" toy. Yes, E still needs her nap.

On Thursdays, I'm watching a little 7 month old baby. Esther kept bringing her toys for Nikola to play with. But soon lost interest as the baby wasn't as entertaining as she had hoped. I asked her later if she had fun with Nikola, she said "No, she was boring."
Hanging with Ollie.
Esther attended a cat themed birthday party this weekend.
She didn't opt for the face painting but did go for the ears.

Lounging with the gang.


dawn said...

LOL Love the transformer costume! Joshua has that same one so I guess it's a popular one.