Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not much new to report.

Apparently I've been neglecting my mom paparazzi duties and haven't been taking enough pictures of my daughter.  There are only two pictures of her, the rest of them are of the dogs.  And even the ones with her have Frank in them.  
School is going better for Esther.  She seems to have gotten the hang of it, though last Friday was rough.  She shut a door in a girl's face and wouldn't open it when asked and nagged and whined at the computer users so she could have a turn.  So she spent some time in the thinking chair again.  Joys of parenthood.
Enjoy the pictures of my dogs.


in the car

pretty sure E wasn't trying to flip me off

Car ride in the sunshine

Esther has been really into freezing her toys to see what happens.  Here is a poor little lego guy stuck in the ice.