Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our blog is really bright! I'll wait while you go get some shades. (Updated: never mind, I changed it)

I got a new laptop because my old one was sooooo slow, and when I saw the background I had picked for the blog, man is it fluorescent! Apparently my old computer was not only slow but color blind. I may have to change it so I don't inflict everyone with a glaring headache!  But not right now.
This week at kindergarten was much better for Esther.  I think she just needed to figure out that her teacher and her parents are all on the same page as far as rules. It helps that I hear any news almost instantly with texts from the teacher.
We had our first parent/teacher conference and Esther is getting almost straight D's! But D's are for "developing" so she's right where she's supposed to be.  There were 3 C's which is for "concern" and they all have to do with cooperation.  Not much of a surprise but she needs work interacting positively with others, respecting others' rights, feelings, and ideas, and resolving problems with peers appropriately.  Basically her report card should read:  "Does not play well with others."  When I was Esther's age, mine said something like:  "Very quiet, shy, doesn't interact with others."  Gene's would have said:  "Class clown, plays well with others, needs to focus on classwork."
Sharing has never been Esther's strong suit, she wants something and thinks she should have it, and have it NOW!  Getting her to empathize with others is hard.  Some of it might be due to the fact that she is an only child but a lot of it is her personality.  Gotta love my spirited girl! She'll get it, it just might take awhile.  
E did get an S for "strength" in developing large motor skills meaning she has great coordination, which we have seen.  The teacher did say that some of the boys in class are a little confused by Esther; she looks like a girl, but plays like a boy, and has boy shoes.
And now for the photos:
Getting some Frankie love!

OK, that's enough.

Esther and her new tiny sandbox, complete with a volcano, dinos and fossils.


Doing homework.