Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me and my edamame...

Karin gave Pan Pan a Stumpytown edamame she made and look how cute they are together:

Esther has 5 teeth now and she can sign "more". She can take about 3 or 4 steps on her own and is starting to take bigger risks when moving to one piece of furniture to the next. She definitely knows what "no" means but our strong-willed darling usually ignores it. She still doesn't cuddle, but she'll let Gene kiss her when she is sleepy. She tries to make kisses with her lips, but she hasn't figured out the pucker thing yet. When she gets scared she'll come to one of us for protection. She loves Sydney (our cat) but isn't very gentle with him, so he lets her know he doesn't like it but nipping at her (without hurting her). She still tries to pet him, but usually wants daddy or mommy to do it for her by taking our hands and pushing them toward him, I figure it's so we'll be the ones bitten.