Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet the newest gymnast...

or should I say gymnast want-to-be. Esther was a little too young to play with the big kids, but that didn't stop her from trying. Her cousin Bela had his belated birthday at a gymnastic center (can I say: GREAT IDEA!!! The kids get to blow off steam for an hour with the staff before partaking of cake and presents.)

Here's Pan Pan watching the older kids. Periodically she would let out a scream at them, as if to say, "look over here." They were obviously having lots of fun and she wanted to join in.

Aunt Heidi and Daddy helped Esther down the mat "slide."

Mom trying to keep Esther from making a break for it.

Here's Bela swinging on the rings. Man, I wish I had as much energy as these kids.

Time for the pit-o-foam, which Bela was quick to point out DOES have a bottom...even though it feels like it's never-ending. Esther was again looking longingly at the fun.
Bela's lounging in the sea of foam. I love this picture. Ahh! Finally Esther gets her chance although Daddy was holding her hands.

Sophie was the only other girl at Bela's party and is a natural baby-sitter. We saved her number so we can call her in a few years. She walked Esther around and around, and then would stop to find a napkin to wipe Esther's drool with...then continue walking. The boys were very energetic, even after the hour of exercise. When Heidi and I were serving them pizza they were pounding on the table shouting, "CHEESE, CHEESE, CHEESE." But we got our revenge...we only had pepperoni pizzas (a mix-up by the pizza place), so we ending up pealing the pepperoni off each slice. I hope no vegetarians read this.