Sunday, March 04, 2007

We've had a weird last few days...

in which I discover that I don't like being puked on. But who does, right? It all started Thursday with the doctor's visit. Here's Esther looking less than pleased to be there: I know I mentioned before that Esther had a fever from one or all of her four shots. That night she woke up at 12 am crying very hard and feeling very hot. She had a temp of 101.5. So we gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. The next morning she seemed better and had no fever but was weepy all day. Now Pan Pan isn't one for crying much...but it seemed that every time I turned around she was bawling over something. This is going to come off as insensitive, but it was almost comical the way any little thing would set her off. I should have taken the hint that she still wasn't feeling all that well, but being a new mom I figured she would be able to handle an outing to visit Gene's work. Well, boy was I wrong, she had a meltdown when she saw Karin (who is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet) and then was very clingy the rest of visit. She wouldn't even let me leave her sight to go to the restroom and when Daddy would walk away from us she would melt into tears. Figuring she was probably just hungry, we fed her a bottle and some of our pizza. Big mistake...she suddenly started choking...and she has never choked on us yet. I immediately freak out and tell Gene to "do something", forgetting all the many first aid courses I've ever taken. Gene looks at me with panic in his eyes (this is one of his biggest fears) and while we are both trying to figure out what to do, Esther takes control of the situation and pukes all over my legs, which consists of all the milk and all the pizza she's eaten. I deserved it, I admit, and had to ride the half hour trip home smelling like puke. We are now brushing up on our first aid, let me tell ya. She didn't sleep well that night, and woke up crying again. She wouldn't let us out of her sight so she slept with us for the rest of the night.

She is doing much better now and is back to her old self. This is her wrestling a pillow:

Showing off the cute hair clip we got at Juliet's new kid's clothing store:

Heidi took Esther for a few hours when she was taking Halie home. Here's Pan Pan, Bela and Halie on the ferry:

And here's Heidi with all the kids:

Here's Esther showing off another clip on the ferry:


Anonymous said...

I hope things will be better soon. Kids do seem to have a way of taking over a situation. She is still a cute kid as are the other two. Suzi

Neil said...

I'm sorry you are having to go thru all the normal trauma that goes along with a kid but it is a learning process and really quite enjoyable to read about and remember back to when you were puking on me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to motherhood. Consider yourself chrisened. It's gets easier. Soon she will be telling you how she feels. Such a cutie!!! Still can't get over how big the other kids are!!! Hugs n.b.

Jeff, Michelle, Spencer said...

Well, the Blakefields seem to be doing well. Now that you've got one under your belt, it's time to get another one. Everyone is looking chipper and Esther is growing. It's amazing it's already been two months since we all got home. Take care. We'll keep checking in.

Greers in Arkansas

Anonymous said...

You mean Matthew never puked on you when you visited him as a baby? He's still pretty good at puking on the floor, although he's 10 and could run to the bathroom.
Glad she's feeling better.
Love, Val