Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy 3 Month Family Anniversary! And Happy Birthday, Gene! that I got that out of the way...who's that leprechaun?
Yep! It's Pan Pan (with her Edamame):

Cruisin' at Juliet's store:

"Check me out, I'm stylin'."
(These cars are for the children's salon Juliet is going to have in her store. So cute!)

Taking a train ride around the block where Juliet has her store:

Hey, there's Juliet at her store:

The caboose:

Watching Elmo:

"You want me to brush what?!?"
I love this walking picture of Esther, she looks so pleased with herself.


geenpool said...

yep...she's the bestest...and so are you babe. I love you.