Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bright, bright, sunshiny day...

We had to take advantage of the one nice day we've had so far this year, so we headed to the park (after stopping to pick up some sunglasses for Esther). It felt like spring. Pan Pan wouldn't keep her sunglasses on even with the sun shining directly into her eyes so I had to take this picture quick:

She loves swinging, by herself...:

...or with Daddy:

Exploring all the things at the playground:

"We look weird."

Pan Pan decided she wanted to try swinging on her belly:

...which didn't last long. Here she is mid-fall and what you can't see is her smacking her head on the ground. Luckly, it was all wood chips and it didn't seem to faze her.
Daddy has taught Esther to grab her head in surprise, but it's really hard to catch. Here's the end of one such look:


geenpool said...

i have the cutest most bestest daughter in the world!!