Thursday, January 31, 2008

I swear a bomb must have gone off.

I was cooking dinner and when I glanced into the living room this is what I saw:
How could someone so tiny make such a huge mess? OK, so at the end of each day, Esther usually manages to leave her mark. But this time was by far her greatest effort.

When Gene got home from work, he asked me if I'd left her alone for a couple of hours. The answer is no, I was around the whole time.

I should have gotten suspicious when she was playing so quietly. I just thought she'd found something to entertain herself, and boy was I right!

Here's the "tornado" after a hard afternoon's work.


Anonymous said...

Esther must take after her father in messy and you in industriousness? It would have been fun to watch her do this. Do you suppose she kept looking toward you to see if you were watching? Suzi

Esther's mom said...

I don't know about me being industrious, but thanks. It so funny when I catch her doing something she knows she shouldn't, she does whatever it is faster.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can totally relate to these pictures! Our house often looks much the same. We do try to have two pick-up parties per just before lunch, and the other before bedtime. I will say that Allie has gotten pretty good about putting up her toys, if you give her enough time. It takes her a half hour or so, but she knows where everything goes, and will usually get it there...eventually!
Today while she was picking up she told me "there will be some magic"...meaning the toys would disappear!! I love keeping up with Esther...I must add that lately several of her pictures have reminded me just a bit of Allie...guess it's that Guiping look. And on that note I will add that she is absolutely beautiful! Oh those eyes! Hugs to all the Blakefields, but especially sweet Esther from the Pannells! Neila

Julie said...

LOL! This is our house 24/7. For the last four years!