Friday, January 18, 2008

New rain "butts"...

OK, so this isn't a picture of Esther, but I thought it was worthy of a post. This rather ungraceful, bumbling seagull landed on our skylight and let me take several pictures of it's undercarriage. I think this is the first time I've ever seen a bird from the bottom, not that I really feel that I've missed much. Our cat, Sydney, was going crazy with his chattering at the bird. Esther was not impressed when I pointed it out. When she's engrossed with Sesame Street it takes a lot to get and keep her attention.

He stayed for about 4 minutes and gracelessly flew off, luckily he didn't leave any birdie treats behind.

Gotta love Target for it's, I mean affordable children's shoes. Here Esther is modeling her newest "butts" (as she so eloquently calls them). She loves jumping in puddles so we thought it would be a good idea to buy her some rain boots. I find it funny that living in the rainiest place on earth (OK, that's an exaggeration) this is E's first pair.

She is so gung-ho about new shoes so she had to wear these most of the day. She has to test out the sound they make on our kitchen floor. These made a very nice clumping noise that seemed to satisfied Esther.

She used to smile for the camera. That smile is pretty elusive these days. When she sees me holding the camera, she just wants to take it, look through it, and try to figure out how it works. I have to try to be very stealthy when taking pictures of her now.

I let her take the camera for a little bit tonight. This is her first picture that she took all by herself...of her pant leg.