Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What a helper we have!

We are in the process of trying to empty out our storage unit so we made some space for our Bowflex in our living room. Yes, it's been in storage,not being used...umm, hopefully it will be put to use now. Our little helper decided she would assist her dad in putting it together.

I have to admire my hubby for being so patient. He let Esther help him the whole time and never got irritated with her. He's definitely my role model in patience. You're awesome, Gene!

At the very end of this post is a video of E helping Daddy. Pretty cute!'s finally put together and Esther and Daddy get a great workout in.

Esther has been very artistic of late...our walls are her canvas. I know I shouldn't let her draw on walls but there is something so endearing when I find her little scribbles in odd places. Esther was here (and I'm ever so glad).

She is such a ham...but usually I don't catch it on camera. Enjoy!

So serious!

Esther's Orange Period. (and our elusive cat, Audrey.)


Anonymous said...

Gene is great with her. My dad was about the same with me and when I was 5 I was his "helper" when he was building our house. He taught me to use a hammer properly (hold it at the end, don't choke up on it.)

When I was a teenager and pounding on something he was surprised I knew how to hold the hammer! He was surprised I remembered his long ago instructions. Suzi