Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stuff and things...

Esther continues to get braver and braver around Sydney. She is still weary of him but, as you can see, he will allow her to place toys on long as they are light-weight.

He still managed to get in a good cat-nap with stuff on top of him.

Our little body-builder.

Her hair was staying out of her face nicely in this shot. We are still trying to avoid far, so good. Her hair is almost long enough to put in a ponytail.

The shirt E is wearing is from a friend (actually my principal from Alaska) who brought it back for her from Bulgaria. So cute!

Esther takes after her Mommy when it comes to mornings. We are most definitely not morning people. And although she doesn't drink coffee (unless she finds my cup unattended), after"Little Einsteins" she's good to go.
Warning: Toilet talk ahead!!
I would like to preface this video by explaining why we have a potty chair (never been used) in our living room. Esther isn't really interested in potty training yet, although she is close. She understands the concept and knows when she is going to go. We bought one of those training seats that fits on the regular toilet but she is scared of it, so we thought we would try the little plastic kind (that has music and lights). She still is scared to sit on it without a diaper but after playing with it for a while she's warmed up to her little potty. In fact, we had lots of fun with it!


Anonymous said...

Esther comes by toilets in the living area naturally. Your dad tells about Gert's father bring home a toilet and bolting it to the floor of the dinning room. They continued to use the outhouse in the barn yard where they had to evade angry roosters.

sprytaen said...

Hands down, my favorite part:

Grover/Gene wiping his butt. I seriously cracked up. Hehehehe.. what parents will do to get their kids to go in the toilet. :)