Friday, March 21, 2008

Getting ready for Easter with Esther

Esther has figured out if she sticks her fingers in her ear sounds aren't as clear. Pretty soon she'll probably use this to avoid listening to Mom.

Creepy critter I found stocking me while I was cooking dinner. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to be except that it's from the Spiderwick movie. I always find Esther toys in very strange places; Elmo lurking under my side of the bed, mr. penguin looking out from the chair slats, a marker in the dirty clothes, a Wedgit laying in wait amongst my flowers pots.

This is the first year that Esther got to dye eggs. I let her "paint" them and I have to say she did an "egg"cellent job. (That one was for Nana Marilyn.)

"Hmm, what color should I use next?"

Gotta love stickers!!

Here she's checking out her handy work.

Tasting one of her creations. She wasn't too sure about the yolk, but the whites were yummy.


Anonymous said...

Obviously she is a budding artist.
See you tomorrow. Suzi