Monday, March 31, 2008

Isn't it almost April?

So what's with the snow? (Notice Esther slightly droopy eyelid? She gets that when she's tired. The funny thing is, so does her dad. And I think it's even the same eye.)

This is such a typical Esther expression, that's why I love this picture. She does this if it's sunny, raining, snowing or windy.

Trying to catch some snow in her mouth.
Trying to pick up a snowflake.

Eating crackers with Nana.

Playing with one of Esther's favorite books with removable pieces.
Our girl loves to jump, so when we brought out the mini-trampoline, she went to town.
Maybe this will save her bed from total destruction. In her crib, she usually jumps for half an hour or so before falling asleep.


sprytaen said...

I love the photo of her trying to pick up a snowflake. It makes me grin :)

W&M&M Davis said...

You’ve been tagged! See our blog for the rules and have fun! BTW I just love Esther's sweater!