Friday, October 10, 2008

Interesting fascination.

Esther and I share an interesting similarity: we both love rocks. When I was a kid, I loved searching for "cool" rocks and pebbles. Since we lived by a river, I had my pick of many. To me, they looked especially beautiful when wet, so I would take them home and paint them with clear nail polish. It turns out Esther has my same fascination! She can find little pebbles underneath tons of wood shavings at a playground. She loves to bring rocks home. This heart shaped rock was one of the first ones she found. Gene has one rock that she gave him, that he transfers to each bag he uses.

Gene promises to get Esther and I one of those rock polishers someday.
OK, this one is a little big.

I thought E's "sculpture" was pretty neat. She used three spoons as the legs.

She got a hold of a big wad of her easel paper and had a blast with it. Like I've said before, why do we even bother with toys, when she finds more joy in everyday stuff.


Anonymous said...

It just blesses my heart when you mention that Esther loves some of the same things you do. You both waited so long for your girl, and the Lord blessed you with this precious one that couldn't be any more part of our family if you tried! I see traits from both of you in E, yet it's so much fun to see her individuality.

Love, Nana Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice kid.

Stephanie Wagner said...

I love the fact that Esther has the same interest in rocks as you do! How amazing is our God to match us perfectly with our daughters half way around the world?!?! How are you enjoying her new hair cut? She looks sooooo cute with it!