Sunday, October 26, 2008

We visit the pumpkin patch!

Here's our girl on the "fewwy boat", heading to Sequim for the weekend.

Nana C. met us at the pumpkin patch. This weekend was gorgeous and clear and we had lots of fun. It was a big area, so Esther could run her heart out. I swear we covered a couple of miles. At one point, she escaped underneath a fence and ran into a pasture. Luckily no angry bulls were in it, so I didn't have to risk life and limb retrieving my runaway. We didn't dare venture into the corn maze because I'm pretty sure we would have lost E. She definitely keeps her Dad and I on our toes.
Don't be fooled by this picture of her sitting quietly. She would only stay still long enough for me to snap one pic each pose before running off to explore something new.
She got to pet some piglets. So sweet...and so stinky! Although Gene and I felt like we'd been at the patch for the entire day, when really it was only an hour, we did have lots of fun.
The next day, I was smarter and wiser and decided we'd head to the Olympic Game Farm, where Esther would be contained in our car. We passed out lots of bread (well, at least the stuff E didn't eat) and saw yaks and zebras and bears...oh my! Of course, my little one soon became more interested in figuring out what all the buttons in the dashboard did, rather than checking out the rest of the animals. But such is life with an explorer.
She wasn't very interested in petting any of the animals in the petting zoo, but she sure liked the little barns.


W&M&M Davis said...

What fun adventures! We're having an increasingly harder time getting Miah to pose for pictures, too. I like Esther's haircut.