Friday, October 17, 2008

Yahoo for Autumn!

Tis the season... well, it's autumn, which is my favorite one. To enjoy the cool, crisp air we went for a walk.

Of course, Esther found lots of rocks.
Dancing with her (new) favorite TV characters. By the way, I'm loving her new 'do. So much easier and she's just as cute as ever, though of course I'm not biased.
This doesn't look at all comfort-able.
Check out the new t-shirt from Dev and's baby Godzilla! Awesome!
Apparently, E felt her hat and mittens went well with her shirt.

Today, I was on a cleaning kick (which when one hits, I take full advantage of, since they don't hit that often). I employed my little helper to clean the coffee table. I love this age...E wants to help! In a few years, she'll probably roll her eyes and sigh when I ask her to do something for me.
She took it upon herself to clean her bedroom window.


Anonymous said...

When she gets done at your place, she can come clean ours!

Nana and Papa Blakefield

You are not biased - you are just telling the truth about her cuteness factor!