Sunday, November 16, 2008


If I were to write an Esther dictionary, here's some words and phrases that would need to go in it:

"rollididit"- roll it up
"oblet"-open your hands
"Sunday scoodle"- Sunday school
"M & M"- yes, she does love her some M&M's but she uses this phrase when she's scared or hurt, it's her go-to phrase (I've often wondered when she's sixteen, will she still say this when she's scared?)
"I like it"- this can mean either she likes what she's eating or she doesn't, her facial expressions will tell you which
"puzzle"- puddle
"joo gob"- good job
"help us" (which used to be "help you")- how do you teach pronouns to a 2 1/2 year old?
"calcudalater"- calculator
"Pockanono"- Pinocchio
"for you"- she uses this when she wants to play with something she knows she's not supposed to
"that way"- means "I don't want to be in here (like her crib) and want to be somewhere else."

And here are a few words of our own that we hear coming out of her mouth:
"It's ok." (said to her toys to comfort them)
"Be right back."
"Just a sec."
"Sydney, move!!" (This is usually accompanied with a kick. While we don't kick our cat, just sometimes move him aside with our feet...apparently Esther sees this as kicking. Something to work on.)
Here's some photos from the last week or so:
Cup of "bubble" tea

Apparently it rains in our condo

Cheesy grin after being caught putting tinted lip gloss on her cheek
Who needs a baby spoon?



W&M&M Davis said...

Great post! Don't you find that parenting just gets more and more entertaining?!

Anonymous said...

You and Esther are very creative. It's good to write these things down because in later years you will only remember a few. Suzi