Saturday, November 01, 2008

Best laid plan....

Esther loves robots, so I decided to make her one for Halloween. Trying to be frugal, I decided to make E's costume out of stuff around the house. Who knew fixing our dryer vent would provide me with my main component?...high-heat tape which is extra shiny. So I pretty much taped anything and everything I could find to make her robot. But that's where my plan went wrong...the box "helmet" was too heavy and E didn't like wearing it. I had to bribe her with some candy to get this photo.

You'll have to imagine her entire outfit by looking at each piece.
Here are the robot boots.

The robot mittens.
The new robot hat.
So after reconfiguring her "helmet" into something she would wear, we headed to the Bothell's Country Village for some trick-or-treating. Esther got overwhelmed, though, and she wanted to ride on her Daddy's shoulders. This meant she couldn't wear her robot body, so I made Gene wear it around his neck. Thus E never really wore her whole costume. Probably should have made a "soft" costume for her. Oh well.
She did love her boots, and wore them most of the night.

E resting and reading Dad's book after smashing her ear on the coffee table. Her left ear is now black & blue and very painful. So all and all it was a very exhausting Halloween.


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome costume, Mom. Good job.

Nana Marilyn

Heza Hekele said...

Very awesome costume! Even in pieces...