Sunday, November 23, 2008

Odds and Ends

Not feeling much like blogging so here's some pictures from the last week.

"Kite" by Esther
Her new friend,
"Giant Minnie," that we found at the thrift shop for $2.

Figuring out Daddy's iPod Touch.

I'm sure she knows how to work it better than I do.
E needs her own camera (but will have to wait for Christmas). She loves playing with ours...
which isn't made to take the beating an almost 3 year old can dish out. Here's some random pictures she took, all on her own.
the iPod Touch with her greasy fingerprints all over it


Anonymous said...

I like Mini putting her arm around Esther. Can't wait to see what Esther photographs with her camera. Suzi

Anonymous said...

Love her kite sculpture and the composition of her photos - she's a genius!

Nana Marilyn