Thursday, December 18, 2008

Join me on a trip down memory lane...

...I'll try not to cry on you. I can't believe it's already been two years since we became a family of three, and yet it seems we've always been together. Esther has blessed our lives in so many ways and we can't imagine our life without her.
Our first meeting on Dec. 18, 2006. Wow, looking at this picture brings back all those emotions I was feeling at the same time: Immense gratitude, utter fear, complete relief, and of course immeasurable joy.

Proud Papa

Getting to know each other.

First feeding.
And today. "Robot" by Esther.

Snow day. Gene was home from work (what an awesome gift to help celebrate our 2nd Forever Day anni-versary).
E making her first snow-angel.

Ta da!
Cheesy grin. We showed Esther her dimples in the mirror, so now when you ask her to show them, this is the grin you get. Priceless.

So full of joy about the snow.
Showing off the snowball Dad made for her (wearing Mom's gloves).

Later, snuggling with Daddy.
Tickle time.


Kiy said...

That's okay, I cried for you. Oh my, as much as I love and adore referral posts (oh, I do I do!) I so dearly love the remember when posts. It makes me remember our day all over again.

Thank you for sharing yours (and the delightful snow pic's!),


Stephanie Wagner said...

HAPPY FOREVER FAMILY DAY!!! What a blessing to have shared this amazing life experience with one another. Thanks for posting pics from that wonderful day. E we see that you are growing into an amazing, joyful & beautiful little girl! Love your dimples!

Jeremy, Stephanie & your Guiping Sis Meilyn

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine our lives without this little sweetheart.

We love you, Esther!!!

Fantastic robot - she's an artistic genious!!

Nana Marilyn