Sunday, December 07, 2008

Warning: this blog post reveals what your Christmas present will be. Read at your own risk.

December just keeps rolling a very steady pace. Esther is more into it this year, but still doesn't understand all that it means yet. She likes our tree, but seemed confused when we put it inside our house. She doesn't appreciate Christmas carols as much as me, but then again neither does her dad. She likes our nativity but doesn't understand the significance. And it's "Baby Deedee", not Jesus. She enjoys taking off the ornaments that she can reach (all unbreakable).
Drawing in her Christmas coloring book with all the pencils at once. She hasn't been into coloring lately but one of these pictures was a of course she was interested.

Getting artistic with powdered candy. Yes, it was messy, but what isn't with an almost 3 year old?
She was very intrigued by Sydney eating his food. Luckily he isn't food aggressive at all and will put up with almost anything Esther can dish out.
E had her first candy cane recently, so we had to bring some home. I found some different flavored ones with Spongebob, Patrick, Diego, and Dora on them. As you can see they were a hit.
This weekend Santa was coming to town, so of course we had to go find him. Esther really wasn't that interested, she seemed to wonder what all the fuss was about. She did, however, enjoy the merry-go-round.
It was fun watching all the dads pushing the kids, while the moms just watched (and took pictures).

We had some family pictures taken and here are some that we aren't using as Christmas presents. (Yep, now you know what you're getting!)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures - looking forward to Christmas now.

Anonymous said...

Is she photogenic or what! I'll bet she gets into opening packages. Suzi

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the ones that "made it". The cut ones were fabulous!!

Nana Marilyn

Kiy said...

Oh my, the dimple delishishness! I just want to kiss them. How do you ever get anything done with those dimples running around? I'd be snuggling and kissing all day long!

I think I have a minor crush on Esther. I promise not to stalk. Much. :)