Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wow, a grown-ups night out...

with the Loose Cannon crew for their Christmas party. We went to the Teatro Zinzanni for a dinner show. It was truly bizarre and truly fun! (Is it weird that I have a crush on Chef Caesar?) Thanks to Gene's parents for watching Esther. Of course, she had a blast, too. The grandparents brought an early Christmas present..."Wall-E," (for those that don't know, it's an animated movie about a robot). The next day, we had to watch "Wall-E" twice. So pretty much our condo is all robots, all the time.
Look what I found in the dryer!
Apparently E was going out to do some errands. Check out her new Wall-E shirt (from Nana and Papa).


sprytaen said...

Apparently, the guys from Pixar studied the robots at the plant my husband worked at. WALL·E is some lifter or something over in car assembly. Neat, huh? :)

And yeah, I'm with Esther on this one.. I watch it every day :\