Friday, January 09, 2009

Not much new to report.

Still working on potty training. It's going pretty well and I think Esther enjoys wandering around without pants (or panties) most of the time. Still watching a lot of "Wall-E". Esther finally seems comfortable with her toddler bed, although we usually have to go in her room a few times a night to tell her to get into bed.

Another robot by Esther. I know I'm not the only one who enjoys these (right Nana Marilyn?).

E got some bath crayons for Christmas and decided they worked well for eye makeup. She wasn't too happy with me when I washed it off.
The rest of the photos were taken by Esther. Kinda interesting to me to see things from her perspective. We had to completely remove the lens cap because there were 152 black photos on her camera.


Anonymous said...

An artist of many mediums! Another great 2D robot, and now to add photography. Did you see the composition on the one of 3 pictures on the wall? A genius!!!

Love, Nana Marilyn

Kiy said...

Great photos Esther! I think my fav is the 'almost' self portrait. Oh, and love the lens cap story. Priceless. :)

Cheers, Kiy

Shelley said...

Babs (remember her? She came with us to China?)anyway...she and her husband got the girls digital cameras for Christmas too. Like you is so interesting to see the world from their perspective!!! We haven't downloaded any of them yet, but they are sure having fun taking them!!
By the way...LOVE that picture of Gene!!! How funny~
Happy New Year!!