Sunday, March 08, 2009

Trains, hats, and coconut trees.

Gene's brother, Jason, gave Gene a hat when he was visiting. Esther calls it "Uncle Jashun's" hat and likes to sniff it. Apparently he smells pretty good.

One of E's silly looks. I guess she was modeling the highlighter.

This weekend, we went to visit our friend's store, Bella and Max. Then on to ride the kiddie train. It was a cold, brisk day but it was still fun.

Gene trying to capture us all in the photo. Looking so serene on the purple horsey.


Anonymous said...

I want to see the calapillar.

Anonymous said...

Love her hat - have the pattern?
Nana Marilyn

Esther's mom said...

Sorry, no pattern on the hat. It was a hand-me-down but I think originally from Old Navy.

Heidi said...

that was halie's hat when she was little - awwwww so cute.
peace out
auntie heidi