Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some how time has gotten away from me.

Where does the time go? I swear I look up and another week has passed.
The last few days I been looking into preschool for Esther starting in the fall. School already? Being new to this whole thing, apparently I should have started my search in January (for Sept). Live and learn. I found a co-op that I really like, so hopefully we'll get a spot.
E has been enjoying gymnastics more and more lately. She's getting to know the teachers and kids better. She didn't even need me to go into the gym this last visit. I just watched her from the viewing window. Every once in a while she would run up and wave at me and say "hi, Mommy".
Time outs have become big in our house. Hitting is a major issue for Esther right now so she's been spending a lot of time on the time out pillow. Her hitting is only reserved for Mom and Dad (lucky us), but every once in a while she'll swat at Sydney, our cat. Esther often says after I have her apologize to me that hitting's "not the answer", but will do it again as soon as she's frustrated or mad at one of us. (If anyone has any suggestions about how to deal with hitting, I'd love to hear it!) Her new game to play is putting Dora into her own time outs.
I don't know when the "why?" phase starts, but Esther is in the "what's that?" phase. She uses it all the time, whether she knows what something is or not. And repeatedly.
I know it probably doesn't sound like it from all the above, but I'm really enjoying Esther right now. She's becoming more and more of her own person, and is very communicative. She understands so much and I really enjoy hanging out with her (most of the time). She is so awesome to watch with other kids. She's very compassionate and caring with them. So far, sharing is not an issue with her; she's happy to let others have their turn.
self portrait

She figured out she could make her pinwheel go with the wind from the fan.
Paper bag robot.

A new creation.


Anonymous said...

She is getting so big, so fast! I'd better see her soon, before she takes off for college like her cousin, Chrissy, is about to do in a few months!

Anonymous said...

I love this movie!

Nana Marilyn