Monday, March 30, 2009

An update for my faithful readers...all four of you.

Life keeps moving along at a steady speed. Although September seems so far away, Esther already has a spot at preschool, and it's the school we wanted. It's a co-op, which means I will be in the classroom one day a week and doing monthly education/parenting classes as well. It will do me good to "have" to be involved.
Nana Carolyn came to visit earlier in the week. Esther decided hanging out in gloves was a must. Nana was a good sport.

Esther's photo of Nana.
The girls together.
Esther's photo of her little rocking chair. I like the compo-sition and the close up view.
Being silly with Dora.
Apparently it's time for Mommy to file some papers. Esther is good at bringing this stuff to my attention.

We had a great visit with Nana Marilyn, Papa Jerry and Uncle Jason's girls, Sierra and Nikkie. Esther had a great time bossing her cousins around and tackling them. The decibel level in our condo was off the charts.
Rough-housing with Nikkie (left) and Sierra (right).


Anonymous said...

We may be a small number of groupies but we are enthusiastic. Suzi

Anonymous said...

I admit, I am a Esther junkie! Congrats on the Preschool, Esther will have a ball. Christy