Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sorry, no video, Nana Marilyn...

We had a video of her jumping on the "jump-o-lene" (as Esther calls it) but she wasn't wearing any panties. So you might imagine the problem.
Daddy makes a nice bed.

This weekend we went to the Aquarium and had a grand ol' time. Esther liked the wave tank, but it was kind of loud.
Here's our cute little version of an
"ocpapus" (octopus).

The sea otters were our favorites. They are very cute and enter-taining.

Daddy always gets mauled when he gets home. Sometimes during the day, Esther will say, "Mommy, I miss Daddy." As soon as E hears his key in the lock, she screams with delight. He barely has a chance to take of his jacket and bag. E usually wants to wear his helmet, but this time she settled for his sunglasses.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Mom. Maybe there will be a video next time!

Nana Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I want to go to the Aquarium!! That bring back memories of scuba diving when we lived in Guam.. We had a 250 gal fish tank in our living room. We would catch all our own fish...

Warren Davis