Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wow! Spring finally arrived!

Sometimes I wondered if it would ever show up. We had to take full advantage of the sunshine, even though everything was soggy. That's what rain boots are for, right?
Watching Esther enjoy the simple pleasure of splashing in puddles, brings back my own memories when the Arctic thaw would finally hit. Spring in Alaska was pure joy, at least for me. All the snow would begin to melt, leaving small little "streams" and slush everywhere.

Oh, glorious mud!

Gotta love simple pleasures.

Daddy's keeping a safe distance.
Dev and Karin bought Esther a Wonder Woman tiara.
And she wore it with such style.
Esther's picture of Daddy wearing it. (He wore it with style, too.)


Redkennidy said...

My baby cosin is so cute This is sierra

W&M&M Davis said...

What a cutie Esther is! And she looks like she's having a grand time in the puddles!