Monday, May 04, 2009

There IS a video this time!

Our daughter is a superstar about going to the potty now (no, that's not what the video is about), but I've been reluctant to risk going out in public without Esther in pull-ups. E has a little fear of public restrooms, but I realized it was really my issue, not wanting to deal with searching for bathrooms or wet pants. A lot of the time, Esther is more ready for things than her mommy. So I bucked up and decided today was the day. Esther made it through her gym class without a diaper or an accident. I had told her beforehand that if she needed to use the potty she needed to tell her teachers and then come get me. And she listened! So I guess this means her mommy's growing up a little bit.
It was time for new rain boots for our little puddle jumper as her others were getting a tad small and smelled a little funky after getting wet. So I ordered some from Zappos along with a brand spanking new raincoat.
She loves polka-dots so I immediately knew she would love her new boots.

The new outfit was fun, but the box was pretty exciting, too.
Esther enjoys instructing her daddy on what things he needs to draw for her. Mainly robots. And in this picture she's telling him to draw "snippies", which are robot hands apparently. (See video for more drawing fun.)
We watched a video of our travel buddies' "Gottcha Day" today, and Esther noticed us in the background. She immediately wanted to know where her yellow jacket was, so I pulled it out for her. She ended up wearing it most of the day. As you can see it's a little small, but it still fits. Can you believe my little 10 1/2 month old arrived in this?
Showing off her dimples with a cheesy grin.


W&M&M Davis said...

So cute. That gotcha day outfit is amazing. Miah had on some pajamas that were already too small for her when when we got her.