Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of puddle jumping pictures

We've put Miss E's new rain boots and raincoat to good use. And I'm glad I bought some boots for myself, because Esther "made" me jump in some puddles, too. Although we had lots of fun, I'm glad to see the sun now. Hopefully it will stick around for a little while.
Esther really enjoys being read to lately. For a while, she would only let you read her the same 5 books over and over and over again, but now we can pretty much read her anything as long as she gets a choice now and then. I read to her before her nap and her dad gets to read to her at bedtime. Her favorite books right now are "The Little Engine that Could", "Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed", and of course the classics like "Everyone Poops", "Holes in Your Nose", and "Pass that Gas".

And now for those puddle pictures:

Throwing rocks


Anonymous said...

Love the videos! Nana Marilyn

Heidi said...

i thought she was headless in that second pic! haha...