Friday, May 29, 2009

Supervised egg cracking

On a walk along the Burke-Gilman trail recently, Esther and I were accompanied by a 4-year boy and his mother. Along the entire walk to the playground, this little guy made sure that I knew that Esther needed a tricycle. He even asked me when I was planning to buy it. Well, if that little boy reads this blog (ha!), he'll be happy to know that Gene and I took his suggestion. What a little salesman!!
Modeling her new helmet, elbow and knee pads. (It's a very "broken down" couture pose as they would say on "America's Next Top Model". Ahem, not that I watch that or anything.)

The new trike complete with parent steering.

After the "Great Egg Debacle of 2009," I let Esther crack a few eggs and she helped cook them. At night now, we hook up a bungee cord to the fridge door. I guess that should work until Esther figures out how to dismantle the entire refrigerator.
And here's our expert somer-saulter.
Mid "sault".


Anonymous said...

4 year olds are incredible salesmen. I'd have loved to hear his pitch. Suzi

Anonymous said...

Parent steering on a tricycle?? I seem to have missed a quantum leap in tricycles. Neil

Esther's mom said...

The parent steering can be removed when the kid gets better at steering themselves (or listening to directions).

Heidi said...

did you notice she was 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks & 3 days old today? good day to buy a lottery ticket since your lucky number is 3 too (3/13/73).

Anonymous said...

Loved that you were awakened with a bowl of cracked eggs!!!! Makes me laugh every time I think about it:). Esther, you are looking so grown-up....Allie got her first bike for her b'day, but we don't have parental steering...kinda wish we did! Hugs to all of you...The Pannells