Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun filled weekend with family and friends

Joe and Kris, our friends from San Francisco, were in town so they came over to meet Esther. Esther liked showing Kris all her toys, and Kris was very attentive to her.

Joe was kind enough to read Gene a new storybook that Esther's Nana C got for her. (Check out the couple on Gene's T-shirt. It's us on our wedding day, when Gene had hair and I was more svelte.)

Pretty in pink: Nana Carolyn and E enjoying each other's company. Esther would laugh hysterically every time Nana would pretend to slip on the kitchen floor. And loved it when Nana would chase her around the living room. Extra bonus: my mom watched our girl while we went out to a movie with our niece, Halie (who I didn't get a picture of, phooey).

Enjoying her Wedgit toy from her Guiping sister Meilyn and her family. Esther is really into stacking things and loves her new toy.

Apparently they can also be used as bracelets...

...and anklets.

I think Esther was trying to get to the other side of the couch without bothering the kitty. But she must have got distracted watching Elmo because she stood like this for a while.


Anonymous said...

Love the last picture of Esther and the cat.