Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hope this isn't illegal!!

We got some pictures of Esther taken at the Picture People for our "trad- ition" of getting studio photos around her birthday.
Gene jokingly said that me posting them here is illegal. I hope not. I'm not making money off these and they do give credit to Zazzle. I guess if I get in trouble I will cease and desist.
This year was completely different from last years experience. She was very scared of the lady with the camera and had to sit on Dad's lap the whole time. Yep, that's him covered with the white blanket.
This is the only picture of Esther slightly smiling. Gene was playing peek-a-boo with her. I think it's funny that you can see Gene's chin-strap at the top of the photo. (Some of you will be getting one or both of the top two photos minus the chin-strap.)

Here she was trying not to look at the camera, so she kept her head turned and would only look with her eyes. Usually we see this look when she's playing with Daddy, pretending that she doesn't want to look at him. Apparently she thought it would be useful here.
Yep, that's Gene's finger. That's as much as I would allow in the picture. Ha ha.
Trying to read while some stranger was taking photos.

Still trying to read.

I was trying to distract her with her dog puppet, but it only slightly worked.

This one's pretty cute. She's timidly checking out the camera while holding on to Daddy for dear life.

Holding the # 2 and trying not to notice the camera.

She's less intimidated with Mommy behind the camera. I was trying to get a pic of her huge hair.

Here's her new look...or is she thinking that Dad is weird. He will only embarass her more, the older she gets.


W&M&M Davis said...

Oh what precious pictures! How funny that Gene is behind the fabric!

Anonymous said...

I'd get the one with her reading. She looks so studious and innocent. You can look at it the next time she destroys the house and remember quiet times. Isn't it funny she would be afraid of a camera! Suzi

Anonymous said...

First, I like the new background on the blog :)

Second, those photos are so cute. Even if Gene's in them. :P I, however, like the last one the best - the one you took. She's super cute.

Happy Birthday to her tomorrow! It's a good date to be born on. I should know.