Monday, February 18, 2008

Warning: Lots of pink ahead!

I've never been a big fan of pink, but the last few days I seem to have dressed Esther in a lot of it. I do have to admit it's a pretty color on her.

"Oh no you di'n't!"
I figure I'll probably be seeing a lot more of this expression when E is a teenager.

I think Esther is so lovely when she looks down and I catch it on camera. There is something so sweet about it and it's so captivating to me.

Working with her tool set from Nana and Papa B.

They also got her this hammer that makes funny noises when she hits things with it. Here she's hitting my knee as I snap the picture. (In the background, on the table, is the stack of photo albums of E. Yes, all ten of them are of Esther. I know I could keep all the photos on the computer but I love looking through albums. The funny thing is, those aren't all of her photos as I'm trying to be more selective with which ones I print.)

Making herself crack up!!


Anonymous said...

You are right she looks great in pink. Of course, we would think she was cute in any color.

Shelley said...

That is funny about the "pink" thing. I was the same way. I NEVER wore pink and didn't have much of anything in pink for Aly. But then, once she was home, I just kept gravitating toward that lovely color. It looks so amazing on Her Highness and now I'M EVEN WEARING IT!!!! Never thought THAT would happen!!! Go figure. Everyone said that Motherhood would change us, but that was not one of the ways I was expecting!!
Hope you guys are doing well~