Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Esther! (& Happy Year of the Rat, too!)

Our sweet girl turned two years old today. And because Esther is now a big girl, we have retired her bottles. We bought her some new sippy cups and she didn't seem to miss the bottle at all.

Intently playing.

No, Esther didn't have to flash to get these beads. Her Grandpa and Grandma Morris got her lots of necklaces for her birthday. And she loved them! She wore them all day and I'm suprised she let us take them off before her bath.

First Birthday cupcake of the day.


Esther is very detail-oriented and I found her winding up her beads around Elmo.

Who knows, maybe Elmo had been enjoying Mardi Gras too much!

Artfully sticking all her candles into her second cupcake of the day.


Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Esther!!! Hello Blakefield family. Hope you all are doing well. From the looks of things, you are.
Esther is such a beauty!
Happy New Year !

W&M&M Davis said...

Happy Birthday Esther! She is so intent in her play. Miah is that way, too.