Sunday, June 01, 2008

All about rashes...

Memorial Day weekend was very sunny so I slathered up Esther with sunscreen (hypo-allergenic, paba-free, SPF 50) and we headed out for some fun. Monday morning we noticed a rash on her face and then that night it was all over her arms and legs. We were pretty sure it was due to the sunscreen and our pediatrician agreed. I was trying to be a responsible mother and protect my little one from the sun but it backfired. So we'll have to try a lower SPF, different brand and only apply it in one little spot to make sure she doesn't breakout again. She's pretty itchy, so we've been giving her Claritin for kids, and using benadryl cream on her, which seems to help. She looks like she's contracted some horrible disease. Her once beautiful soft skin is now red and bumpy.

That same weekend, we headed to the zoo (with E completely covered up even though it was fairly warm out). Esther enjoyed all the animals and since there wasn't very many people out for some reason, I really enjoyed myself, too.

(These pictures are all out of order...oops!)

Dad and E scoping out some zebras in the distance.

E in her oatmeal bath, showing off her rashy arms.
E using bath paint (you can see both her bumpy arms and forehead in this picture).
She loves bubbles and catching "bigun" (big ones).
Finger painting.
Rubbing the baby elephants for good luck.
Bumpy forehead.
Blotchy cheek, beautiful girl.
She loves organizing her six little ducks.


Julie said...

Hi hon!

Esther looks like she's having an allergic eczema breakout. My daughter Kenzie has them. We've had to use a cortisone cream to stop the breakouts, plus not use any soap at all, or a non-soap cleaner such as Cetaphil, and for shampoo we use Free & Clear. Her baths are kept short, so as not to dry out her skin, and I've had to use a lotion called Vanicream. Kenzie looked much like Esther until we began also to work out what foods or chemicals that caused her to break out,including food dye and laundry soaps/softeners.

You may want to consider these things, just in case. Kenzie's skin has been getting better, but still has flare ups once in a while.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh. I just went to the beginning of your blog and saw you have cats. I didn't think about animal allergies. (I didn't read the entire blog to see if you had considered this possibility, so forgive me if you have already done any testing already.) Kenzie is allergic to cats - her whole body breaks out in a horrible rash with huge welts. Have you thought of having Esther tested at an allergist's for animal allergies (or other common allergies?) We did that with Kenzie. But I knew before the test that Kenzie was allergic because she went to a house with a cat in it with a family friend and our friend had to bring her right back because of how bad her breakout was. I knew immediately it was the cat - there was nothing else that it could have been.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Our 4.5 year old daughter born in northwest china (gansu province) has had severe skin rashes (called eczema , acute dermatitis, etc)

the winters are worse and last month her arms legs, neck , face exploded. The itching has been so acute, the only thing that stops the itching is wet cool towels. She sleeps this way.

We have had routine bood work done and Zia has a definite allergy confirmed as her eisinophils and basophils were very high. We have also done food intolerance and inhalant intolerance bloodtesting and are waiting for results. She is now on an antihistimine which does help her sleep better. We have eliminated high allergen foods such as wheat, corn and soy from her diet, she does not consume diary or any animal products.
Your daughters skin looks identical to Zia's before ZIa's got really bad. She cannot bathe now as it is too painful.

I would definitely suggest that you investigate further as most dermatologists and peds. do not look for cause, but treat topically or with antihistamines. If there is a food allergy, this can be extrememly dangerous.
We will also be seeing an allergist/immunologist once we receive our blood tests. We are also seeing a dr. of naturopathic medicine. Good luck to you.