Saturday, December 01, 2007

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"

"Oivay! More pictures, Mom?" In actuality Esther is doing "peek-a-boo" but since her right hand is otherwise occupied, she's doing it one-handed. She loves her new coloring book (thanks Nana & Papa B).
E is very enthralled by the colors and "markings" on her new stool from Nana Marilyn. Esther's name means "star" & I think the Chinese character means star...right Marilyn?

Look at my lazy family:

We went to a free trial class at Gymboree on Thursday, which was entertaining. Esther is cautious in new situations and did a lot of watching, but she definitely was engaged with the goings-on. I think she would benefit from structured play like this, however Gymboree is bloody expensive. We're going to check out the Kirkland Community Center drop-in playtime after the new year. It's much more affordable but I'm not too sure how structured it is. Here's Esther enjoying some free play before class started...we didn't teach her to dunk. I guess it's just intuitive to put a ball through a hoop.
Today it snowed...huge gigantic flakes. Beautiful!! (This former Alaskan loves her some snow!) Esther called it "no." We were planning to go out and frolic in it but after lunch it had started raining and the snow turned to slush. Tomorrow it's supposed to snow again, and we're planning to go to a tree farm to find our Christmas tree. I hope to get E out in it to really enjoy the white stuff. We'll be sure to bring our camera.

As some of you are aware, Esther is a shoe girl. And now a "bot" (for boot) girl.
Here she is in her happy place:

Dad and Esther's Myspace photo:

Enjoying Mom's snow boots:


Anonymous said...

I think Ester's "no" would be championed by lots of people. Hope she got to enjoy it. I have a picture of King in his first snow. I also remember a foreign exchange student from South America who said she was afraid of her first snow because she thought it fell as snowballs. Have fun.
What are HTML tags?

Esther's mom said...

Gene says < b > is for bold, < i > for italics....

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I would not have thought of such a simple code. I am barely up to novice with computers.

geenpool said...

actually, that's just what i think...i don't actually know i could be could be for embeding photos and other such nonsense...i dunno..