Monday, December 31, 2007

Temper tantrums are fun!

Esther had here first major temper tantrum the other night. Full blown. She didn't want to stop playing when it was time to, and got mad at me when it was time for a bath. After a 2 minute time-out, I went to get her from her room and she had thrown herself on the ground and was rolling around crying. I told her time-out was done so she followed me upstairs while still crying. She threw herself down on the ground again and continued crying. Esther kept standing up and then throwing herself down again. I ignored her and Gene tried to distract her (which usually works when she gets mad). But she would have none of it. She wouldn't let me near her, she was very mad at Mommy. We tried the bath but she just splashed around which made her even more upset. Bubbles didn't even distract her. Bathtime was very short. I managed to get her in her PJs somehow, all the while she cried on. She would not take milk from Gene or let him rock her which is our nightly routine. So I decided I was going to hold her until she calmed down. I held her and talked to her for awhile and finally she let herself relax. When I put her to bed she was back to her old self. All-in-all she cried for an hour. Phew!! She's almost two and this could be a nice introduction to our future.

Here's our little angel wearing Daddy's coat which is about 8 sizes too big. She wandered around the living room for a while in her "cape."

We spent Saturday and Sunday with Gene's parents at their home. Sunday was Gene's mom's birthday. Happy Birthday, Nana Marilyn! Esther enjoyed her grandparents and got some new toys to play with.

"Ah, Daddy's face makes a nice leg rest."
The grandparents had gotten her her own couch and laptop.

She had the best time with cousin John.
She kept him busy chasing her and being chased.

Nana and Esther got some good dancing in. Nana taught Esther the "Hockey-pockey" and Esther wanted her to show it to her again and again and again. Very funny!

"Why is everyone staring at me?"
(there's cousin Mandy and Aunt Tammy)

For some reason this trip, Esther was afraid of Cousin Chrissy. I don't know if it was because she is so tall or because Esther was in awe of her but she wouldn't let Chrissy get too close. Dad was trying to show Esther how fun Chrissy is but she never was too sure of her.


W&M&M Davis said...

So Esther got a laptop!! Cool! Miah would love to have one also. She is always wanting to pound on my laptop. Ever since day 2 in china she has liked the keys on the computers..
You go Girl! Learn those computer skills!!