Monday, December 10, 2007

Yay! Finally some of snow.

Esther had her first dental exam this past week. She was fine until the dentist wanted to look in her mouth. Of course Gene had me hold Esther during the exam because he's a wimp when it comes to holding her down. She cried wholeheartedly but that meant her mouth was wide open, so the dentist was able to see inside fairly well. So far, so good. Her teeth are healthy. The visit took all of 15 minutes. As we were getting ready to leave, Esther was feeling much better about the whole experience and suddenly blurts out to the dentist, "tank ewe" (thank you) while signing it. This is the first time she used this ever so her Dad and I were very surprised and pleased. What a polite little girl we have. Needless to say she charmed the dentist and his staff. Here's Esther demonstrating the proper way to brush (didn't seem to bother her that Elmo has no teeth).
My sister is moving to Alaska, like tomorrow. So this weekend we made a quick visit to Sequim to visit her for the last time until summer. We had a great visit with Heidi, her fiance Tom, my mom her husband and the kids. Esther is sure going to miss her cousin Bela, he makes her laugh with glee.
At mom's house Esther found a magnifying possible occupation? -a detective.

Last time it snowed we didn't get to frolic in it so when it snowed in Sequim we took full advantage. Of course, I didn't think of bringing Esther's snow boots, so I improvised with baggies and rubber bands. I don't think she was too sure about the snow at first.

But she soon "warmed" up to it.

Uh oh, here comes Tessy:

Trying to make her first snowball:

OK, that was fun, let's go inside and warm up:


Anonymous said...

So cute!! Give Heidi our info.and tell her to look us up when she get up here! love n.b.