Thursday, December 27, 2007

We're officially a family...again.

Isn't this redundantly redundant? Yes, yes and yes. It still doesn't make total sense to me and I have a hard time explaining re-adoption but it basically means that Esther has been officially adopted by us in the US court system. And now she gets a Washington State birth certificate. All said and done it was a somewhat painless process though I've had to visit King County Courthouse too many times in the last few months. But we've had to deal with red tape before so it's just a matter of wading through it.
Our hearing in front of the judge was today and we could tell right away that he was a very kind man. He was genuinely pleased to sign our Adoption Decree. Like my stepmother said adoption proceedings are the best parts of a judges day.
We had to wake Esther up really early this morning. She is definitely my daughter and is not a morning person. Her usual wake up time is 10-10:30 AM so 7 came way too early! It took her about an hour and 45 minutes to completely wake up. But once she's fully awake, man is she ready to go. Here's a picture of her running the hallway before our court hearing:

The "legal" family and the nice judge:
As soon as we got home from the proceedings, we all took a two hour nap. We are a wild and crazy family!

And now for some cute Esther photos from Christmas Day. We had some snow, albeit wet, mushy flakes, but snow nonetheless. As you can see, E quite enjoyed trying to catch some:

Daddy tried to teach her to catch some snowflakes with her tongue but I don't think she was too successful. It makes an adorable photo though:


Anonymous said...

A Big congratulations on the re-adoption! We need to get started on Miah's. We'd like to do it ourselves, as well, so if you don't mind, I'll probably be asking you for tips along the way!