Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh, what a day!

It's a pretty emotional day for me today...it's our first Esther Day anniversary! It started last night when I was revisiting my blog posts from China; still makes me teary seeing our first meeting. What a fantastic year it has been and I have so much to be thankful for! God has blessed us with such a wonderful daughter.

Take a look at how much Esther's grown:

First day with Pan Pan: Six months together:
Today (her "gotcha day" outfit finally fits):

Things Gene and I have learned in the last year:
  1. Our apartment is only tidy two times a day...before E wakes up and after she goes to bed.

  2. I was a better parent before I had a child.

  3. We've come to appreciate and even love Elmo.

  4. I still like watching Sesame Street after all these years.

  5. Esther's bodily functions have become a daily discussion.

  6. There is no such thing as "child-proofing"...the measures to keep Esther safe only seem to bring them to her attention. And they create an interesting challenge for her.

  7. Our favorite past-time of going out to a movie is a thing of the past, thank goodness for Netflix.

  8. Gene has a great imagination when it comes to envisioning horrible injuries that could befall our girl.

  9. Some days Esther and I butt heads because we're both very stubborn. Poor Gene.

  10. Hearing our daughter laugh is the best sound in the world.

  11. Esther is awesome.

Here's Esther and Daddy playing under the Christmas tree. We decided on a tiny tree this year so E wouldn't get into too much trouble. "Nothin'"

Daddy is a fun toy:



Anonymous said...

Huddle, Gene & Esther! Happy E day!!! I have also had an emotional day too. It sounds like our daughters have taught all of us many of the same things. I can really relate to Point 9. Poor Jeremy & Gene! I'll be crying too as we watch our video tonight. Have a great E day!!!! We will be thinking about you.
Stephanie, Jeremy & Meilyn( E's Guiping sister)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Time sure flies. Today is the 7 mo. anniversary for Miah arriving home. We enjoy seeing Esther's updates; what a cutie!
Merrie, Warren, & Miah

Anonymous said...

Hello H, G and E...
Yes indeed, a year can make a world of difference! Allie and I were gone for a few days to visit the big kids, but we too are celebrating...and looking forward to many more of these anniversaries. Esther, we loved sharing the day all the Guiping girls joined their forever families...you are a precious gift from God and we celebrate with your parents! Here's too many, many happy E days:)...and tell your dad you won't break! Dan, Neila and Allie