Thursday, December 21, 2006

day four...uh huh.... we are at the end of day four. It's amazing how much things get a little better each day...and by little, i really mean little...yesterday was the poopie. Today was the eating...a four full bottles, which then meant a lot of puke...or "spit up" as Huddle calls it. I call it puke. She's getting happier tho', so there's, on with the pictures.

well, day four here, and here's Esther eating a water bottle. It's her main source of vitamin p. As you can see, she has a lovely assortment of bottles from which to choose. We're excellent providers.

Today we took a tour of Green Mountain, where they had this awesomest covered walkway made outta bamboo. It felt soo wonderful to walk was all springy and stuff...almost felt like it was refreshing your feet with each step...or maybe that was just from lack of sleep...well, i sleep the whole night, just like esther, 'sept i wake up every couple of hours, to check to see if she's still breathing...which kinda messes with my REM sleep...ah, well...the price you pay for becoming baba.

Here we are at the famous picture rock. Actually, i don't know if it's famous or not, everyone just had their pictures taken in front of it...lemme check with Huddle, be right back...nope, just a rock.

here's the tower, which we can't really remember the name of, because we're horrible american tourists and stuff. But it's really pretty.

here's the view from said tower...Huddle made me climb all the way to the top...all nine floors or it and much for the notion of lazy dad...sigh. With all this exercise i've been doing and the constant sweating, i think i've lost some weight...which is nice...

here's the beautiful lake near the could feed the fish here, and they'd all come up to the surface and looked kinda like parahna or however you spell it...i'm tired...sue me.

here's Esther in her new hat we bought her...she's just simply adorable...when she wants to be...she can also be fussy...which is a little tiring...well, mainly because we don't know what to do...we try feeding, no. we check diaper, no. teething maybe?'s really fun to try and figure out what her different sounds mean. no,'s fun.

she loves the mirror. heck, even she knows she looks good...and my legs look so hot. reow!

here we are again looking at her perfect feet. well, we're going to try and put her to bed...wish us luck. Peas out.


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. My favorite today is the mirror shot. I can’t wait to see her.



Heidi said...

Love the hat, what's it say? I'm glad to see you are provided her with lots of choices for her Vit P intake...

Thanks for continuing to post!
Love ya guys,

Anonymous said...

We love the blog. We check it constantly. Keep it up. You're doing fine. The second kid is easier. Neil at his most eloquent. Suzi

Mom said...

How is the food there? If they have Walmart, do they have American fast food? Do they have pizza? Maybe Esther just doesn't like Chinese food and is waiting for her first french fry. This blog is the first thing I look at each day - you guys are doing a great job. Love, Mom